Scratch Disks Are Full

Scratch disks are full. It is a temporary error that occurs in photoshop. Temporary files are the most important cause behind the “scratch disks are full” error. They normally mass up in your drive without giving single proof of their attendance. If you have a habit of quitting Photoshop forcefully, you may have temporary files on your pc. As Photoshop can’t completely close all designs after you stopped it so quickly, it holds such files on your computer.

What is a scratch disk?

Before we describe any solution. It would be a great idea to have at least a common sense of what a scratch disk is. When you are doing software like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. They need a working place called cache memory. This is where short project files are saved and located.

For this example we are focusing our sights on Photoshop. It is the most popular application.

Scratch disk is your hard drive area managed by Photoshop as a cache memory when there is not sufficient RAM to finish a task. Photoshop enables you to select several scratch disks.  It has more area at its end.

When operating with large images and some layers. Photoshop is quietly ending your Mac’s space by quickly creating a large number of project temporary files.

It’s essential to note that when you install Photoshop, you will have the opportunity to choose the scratch disks to drive off your option. We very much recommend not working your system drive.

Steps to fix scratch disks are full?

Mac users get a “scratch disk full” message when Photoshop has adopted up all the space on the hard drive that has been selected as a scratch disk. This used up space is short and separate from your original project file.

The difficulty is that Photoshop doesn’t forever get cleared of these temporary files when they aren’t required anymore, So how to clean your scratch disks?

Some steps to Clear Scratch disks error:

  1. Clear your cache files.
  2. Delete your temporary files.
  3. Clear disk space.

You can try all methods but I will explain the clear photoshop cache method. Because This work in the most of cases

Clear Your Photoshop Cache:

Photoshop has an in-built function for removing Photoshop caches. When these annoying caches aren’t eliminated automatically by the application.

To use this simply open Photoshop in Mac and open an image.

  • Select the Edit list button.
  • Move Your mouse over to show 4 different options.
  • Undo All Histories. If an item is greyed out, that means it has already been removed.
  • Select the particular item you want to remove or select “all” to remove all of your caches.
  • You will be notified that the removal cannot be released, so make sure you don’t require a previous version of one of your designs and then click OK.

A good way to hold Photoshop cache from gathering up is going regular disk cleanups. But here is a difficulty. The cache lies so deep in system folders that removing it manually becomes difficult. A company has produced a tool called CleanMyMac X. You’ve heard of related tools but that one really established Mac cleanup.

what does it mean when the scratch disk is full

Before highlighting some solutions, it would be a great idea to have at least a general understanding of what a scratch disk actually is. When you are utilizing programs like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, they need a working space called virtual memory. This is where temporary project files are stored and accessed.

Scratch disk is your hard drive space used by Photoshop as virtual memory. when there is not enough RAM (random access memory) to complete a task. Photoshop allows you to assign several scratch disks. that way, it has more space at its disposal.

Temporary records are the most important reason behind the “scratch disks are full” error. usually, mass up in your drive without leaving single evidence of their presence. If you have a habit of force-quitting Photoshop, you may have a lot of temporary files on your Mac. As Photoshop can’t fully close all projects after you quitted it so rapidly, it keeps such files on your machine. That’s why it caused scratch full memory.

what to do about full scratch disk

if your scratch dish is full then Free up enough disk space. Before you do anything else, make sure that you have sufficient space in the drive partition where the scratch disk is located.most common cause of the (scratch disk is full) error is the shortage of available space in the drive.

Delete temporary files

If you have the habit of force-closing Photoshop without giving it enough time to properly close down projects, it will leave a huge chunk of short files behind. you need to clean these files.

Changing the scratch disk location

you can also solve this problem by changing the drive location where free space is available.


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