prevent your phone from using the internet without permissions

prevent your phone from using the internet without permission. In the holidays, we spent our time away from home. that means we move away from our beloved WiFi connections

operating system has its own abilities to save data. The operating system can help us prevent the consumption of applications, which we don,t want to connect to the internet or WiFi. Either they can download something without notifying us, we will show you how to limit these connections. How to make these apps not connect to the Internet without our permission. Let’s start with iOS.

Restrict internet access to certain apps on iOS

iOS has an advantage over Android when it comes to limiting Internet access of applications, and it is the fact of having a specific site where we can, with a single touch, leave the different apps offline when they touch pull data.only with data because they can access the Internet when we are connected to a WiFi network.

iOS menu will found in Settings. Once you enter in ios. you must go to Mobile Data option and there we will find a list of mobile apps that have consumed data during its use. the same list is littered with green switches on the right. Each connected switch means that the application can access our mobile data. If we disconnect it, it is over, “caged” application, and waiting to have a nearby WiFi.

Leaving an application without access to mobile data

restriction (security) means that the application will not be able to connect to mobile data in any case, even when we want to use it. If we are on the street and we want to use one of those that we have restricted, we must return to the same menu of Settings> Mobile data and enable it. As we will see now, Android works in a different way.

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